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I think Johnlock angst will be the death of me.

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molly hooper // bbc sherlock, characters


Sherlock always thought that love was a waste of time, a weakness and most of all unimportant.

But he couldn’t help but to feel like something was eating him from the inside as he was attending John’s wedding, why was it so hard to breathe?

Smile, continue to smile, he…

Sherlock has to bend down to kiss John in his chair, hut John can just stay standing for Sherlock to lean over and kiss him from where he is crouched on his armchair


no place like london.


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"So, you’ve got a boyfriend then?"

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Sherlock + “Golden” by Fall Out Boy, requested by pulvering

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by WoodPigeon

On a case in the hot weather Sherlock would totally work himself too hard, forget to eat, not take off his coat and suit and end up passing out from exhaustion and then John has to slip into doctor mode to help him and nurture him

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S: I’ll just be myself.
J: Are you even listening to me?

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